MOCAShop’s Press Release.

Weston, FL May 19, 2008 – New e-commerce site,, provides an online destination for fashion-forward women who bask in their individuality and appreciate high-end accessories and unique statement pieces.

A never-before-seen ensemble of luxury accessory designers has been assembled in an easy to use website featuring handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, handbags and more.

“ is a high-end online retailer dedicated to unique, organic – often, one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories. With women across the globe asserting their individuality and expressing it through fashion, jewelry and accessories remain the primary item they purchase on a continuous basis” says owner, Monica Milla.

Designers featured include award-winning Belle Brooke Barer, MIO Studio, Kathy Frey, Alison Antrobus, Randi Chervitz, Nilufer Tarzi Kuran, Sarah Wilson, Bruno Veluire and more. Each piece featured includes a detailed description of the merchandise and often of the design process. “The items we showcase are works of art. Explaining the design process is integral to the purchase as it establishes a connection with the buyer. Our clients appreciate that an artist handmade a stunning object to express the their individuality” explains Milla.

The products’ finishes feature an array of materials including ebony, wood, sterling silver, recycled materials, 14K gold and other unique elements. The inventory’s price range is between $50 to $5,000. Products can be found by price range or by designer, offering ease of use and rapid transactions under a secure system.

“We select designers and items as if we were going to invite each one to dinner and wear each thing ourselves. This allows us to be selective and engaged in our offerings –and ultimately provide merchandise we want others to covet as much as we do!” says Milla.

The global fashion jewelry industry accounts for over $146 billion as of 2006, according to industry analysts. The U.S. accounts for 31% of the industry, followed by the Middle East and China.’s internet presence allows its inventory to be accessible worldwide.

About provides an online destination for fashion-forward women who bask in their individuality and appreciate high-end accessories and unique statement pieces.

Monica Milla, Owner

One Response to “MOCAShop’s Press Release.”
  1. David Taylor says:

    Hello. My name is David Taylor and I am looking for Suzie Crease Morales who I knew in Caracas many decades ago when we were children. Suzie we were having dinner a few nights ago with Ann Mc Master Bacque, Sally Northey Skinner here in Toronto. I have known Ann as a former neighbour for many years but she did not know I was born in Caracas. As soon as that subject wa raised she asked me if I had known Suzie Crease. I said of course as our families had been great friends.

    So whoever gets this please forward it to Suzie for me as I would love to reconnect with her.

    Best regards

    David Taylor

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