Belle Brooke Barer, New Designer of the Year 2008!

Belle Brooke Barer, a jewelry designer featured in , has been named the Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year Award for 2008 at the JA New York, on July 28th! Belle was also a Winner of the 2008 Niche Awards for her “canoe ring”, in the category ‘jewelry:silver with stones’, and a finalist in two categories in 2007; ‘silver with stones’ and ‘gold with stones’. The latter two awards sponsored by NICHE magazine, the annual NICHE Awards competition that celebrates excellence and innovation in American and Canadian craft. Belle has been awarded for her technical excellence, both in surface design and form, her market viability, and a distinct quality of unique, original and creative thought. All this can be appreciated in her jewelry. As she was sited at the “Handmade designs inspired by nature’s inherent symmetry make Belle Brooke Designs’ Metropolis collection uniquely breathtaking.”

She finds inspiration in geometric forms and is intrigued by mechanical objects, derelict industrial sites and ramshackle buildings. Her newest collection, Metropolis, has become her signature work; tiny tubes that are hand placed and soldered in singular batches to create effervescent circular patterns. It is an artistic rendering of the concept of cells and their multitudinous manifestations.

Her fabulous jewelry is made of gold, or sterling silver contrasting polished with highly oxidized, and precious and semi-precious stones; from diamonds, to moissanites, sapphires, rubies, garnets, peridots, champagne diamonds, citrines, tourmalines, alexandrites and more. She has also created her own in-house handmade chains that complement her work. Each piece is unique, never cast or mechanically replicated, made completely by hand, in her studio at Belle Brooke Designs. Belle’s signature can be appreciated in all her pieces.

Belle now lives, creates and works in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Her work is mostly found in galleries and select jewelry stores.

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