Marta Sanchez in Spanish Newspaper!

The very talented Marta Sanchez, from Barcelona, Spain, continues to appear in the media with her spectacular jewelry. The article reads something like this…

Designing her own jewelry was the dream of the Spanish Marta Sanchez. After years of dedication her jewelry is finally forming the company MSO Joies (, a studio in Barcelona and selling in the area galleries. Sanchez defines her company as “a contemporary jewelry studio, with unique and artistic handmade jewelry”. After studying at the Art School in Vic, and in Barcelona, Marta Sanchez decided to establish herself in Barrio de Gracia, in Barcelona “to have a better market”.

This jewelry artist, gemologist, young entrepreneur has created five collections of “unique pieces”, and is already working on her sixth collection. Each one has earrings, pendants, rings, and in some cases, bracelets. She also takes special and custom orders. Her latest work is “inspired in the egyptian mythology, with grains, ornaments and stones of great dimensions”.

Sanchez, beside the number of jewelry stores and galleries to whom she sells her jewelry, has also opened a store in the internet ( which has brought her specially to the United States. Now she completes her services with an extensive blog on the internet, in catala, specialized in contemporary jewelry (, to which she receives 700 to 800 visits a day, and which has opened the doors to jewelers who are interested in her product.

Everything points that Sanchez’ season prior the the Holidays will be a good one. Looking to the future, Sanchez aspires to grow in a controlled manner, maintaining a small studio and looking forward to opening her own store.

Marta Sanchez’ Aton collection is now available exclusively at


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