Interview WIth MOCAShop’s Monica Milla creator, Monica Milla describes her site as “an online destination for fashion-forward women who bask in their individuality and appreciate unique statement pieces.” Monica hand-picks each jewelry artist and is interested in cutting edge designs that could be classified as works of art. Each piece selected for Mocashop is handcrafted by one of thirty independent artists selected from around the world. Monica’s diverse collection is the “ultimate accessory closet for women with impeccable style”.

Last month, Mushka Designs was the featured artist on I thought I’d return the favor by featuring Monica here. Her online shop is dedicated to work of others so I thought it would be nice to learn more about the woman behind the scenes and how MOCAShop came to be…

Mushka: Why did you decide to start MOCAShop and why is jewelry design important to you?

Monica: Arts, specifically fashion and architecture have always been important to me. In searching for unique jewelry for myself, discovered contemporary jewelry designers and got fascinated with them. Couldn’t stop searching for more, going from one gallery to an other, to awards, to blogs, and decided this is what I would like to do; to promote, show, sell and be involved in everything related to contemporary jewelry.

Mushka: How do you choose your designers?

Monica: I’m not sure I have a pattern, it’s intuitive. I’m always searching, in the look out for new (to me anyway) jewelry and designers. I read everything I come across that’s related to jewelry, contemporary or not, I like it all. I look for design, originality, unique handmade jewelry. I look for artists.

Mushka: What aspects of handmade jewelry do you admire?

Monica: I love the uniqueness that each piece has to offer, the fact that it’s handmade makes it special to me. I like that there is a creative process or story behind it, and I like to know there is an artist working with his hands and soul on something I will later wear. This is what fascinates me the most. The fact that an artist starts with an idea in mind that turns into something different on the way is very unique to me.

Mushka: How has Mocashop evolved since you first created it? How do you see Mocashop growing/changing in the future?

Monica: MOCAShop has evolved greatly since it started, it went from very basic start, in which I was learning every aspect of the web, graphics and production, to additions for improving the store with more categories and ‘click to’ buttons. I think is a reflection of myself, it has grown with me making this year very intense. My goal is to reach my audience fully, to be able to show off the wonderful artists MOCAShop has to offer, and of course reward myself with the success of a dream come true. Thank you so much Sarah. You know you are one of MOCAShop’s pioneers!

Mushka: Thank YOU Monica for supporting the independent designers of the world! We appreciate your dedication to the art of handmade jewelry.

Check out this month’s featured artist Francisca Bastos.

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