MOCAShop welcomes Marcela Calvet

“The Calvet Handbag is Art-à-Porter”… “Fueled by the confidence she embodies, she exudes an absolute sense of femininity and glamour”… “Marcela Calvet captures the essence of en vogue refinement by melding the seduction of Buenos Aires with the elegance of Paris”… are some of the statements made by the press about Marcela Calvet Handbags! The Calvet name, within the world of fashion, actually dates back to the early 20th century, when the House of Calvet acquired the Parisian label of Callot Soeurs. In 1945, the House of Calvet was one of 45 Parisian fashion houses, including Hermes, that banded together to create the Theatre de la Mode.

Marcela was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, city she loves for its excitement, passion and beauty, from a French mother who she describes as “like most French women, she was (and still is) always dressed elegantly while she fashionably carries a stunning handbag”. She studied Psychology, because of her family’s long tradition in humanitarian causes and philanthropy, and she actually practiced for a few years, but later on she decided it was time to pursue her other great passion: “to design beautifully crafted handbags”. She says she likes to mix her psychology with handbag design; “from a woman’s perspective, there is such an emotional connection between the handbag we carry and our sense of ‘self'”.

“I find real beauty in handbags. A well-designed handbag becomes a work of art. My trademark is mixing style and function, and I am always working to bring back some of the alluring features that defined the Calvet bags back in the days when exotic skins were all the rage. I am always experimenting with different exotic skins and leathers for texture; because a bag has to be practical and long-lasting, as well as stunning.” The bags appeal to those seeking great designs and functionality. Function is definitely important in terms of design; which is why most of the models include capacious interiors, cell phone pockets and other interior pockets, key chain, removable shoulder straps, etc. All have interior linings handmade in ultra-supple Argentine Calfskin that will make you want to constantly search for that lip gloss.

Horne Clutch Bag by Marcela Calvet

Horne Clutch Bag by Marcela Calvet

Marcela prides herself in “melding Argentine sensuality with French sophistication. That is our trademark”. Marcela Calvet handbags are handmade in limited editions; and many of them are one-of-a-kind, utilizing the finest farmed exotic skins, like South American alligator, lizard, ostrich and South American ostrich, as well as full grain Argentine leather and calf skin. The hardware is of the finest quality as well: solid brass which they Gold-gild or Nickel-gild to give it that divine finished look. Her Signature shades are achieved by using traditional vegetable dying methods which is better for the skins and the leathers and most importantly, for the environment.

This month Marcela Calvet’s Horne handbag was featured in the special FALL FASHION  issue of Newport Life Magazine, shot on location at Rough Point, the Newport Mansion of Heiress Doris Duke. “Marcela Calvet Handbags is increasingly becoming a top player in the luxury segment, particularly because the company uses traditional hand craftsmanship techniques”. Her bags stand out for the obvious quality craftsmanship and her French-inspired beauty. The buzz is on, be aware that you will come across page after page of amazing reviews and comments when you search for Marcela Calvet Handbags. You can now just go straight to to find the best selection at the best prices possible MOCAShop was able to negotiate, due to special ties, for all our followers!


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