‘Top-Flight’ Jewelry Designer Art Gorinas

Art Gorinas Cognac Diamond Ring

Art Gorinas Cognac Diamond Ring @MOCAShop.com

Art’s work is very precise and unique. His experience is invaluable, as he worked restoring antiques and non replicable pieces in his home town, Lithuania, it is visible to the naked eye in all his present work.

Art Gorinas was born in Lithuania, Vilnius, the capital. He graduated from the Lithuanian University of Technology, and although he worked in various Science Research institutions and later as a metal restorer at the Lithuanian Art Museum, he knew his true passion was in designing and making jewelry.

“Love for creating beauty does not necessarily lead to professionalism” says Art. As soon as he realized that, he knew he had to make a choice to work on his own as an independent jewelry artist. In 1990 designing jewelry became his main and beloved occupation. He reached a new frontier in his career and education, moving to New York City in 1999, and working for world renown jewelry designer Alex Sepkus. “We can argue about the design aspect of jewelry, but not quality”, Sepkus would always say. Ever since then, a microscope has been permanently mounted to Art’s workbench to ensure the high quality known for all his work.

As a lapidarist would put it as he worked on one of his pieces: …”[Art Gorina’s work] is way past what we see in stores around the  country. [He] is very good. Everything about it I like.  The finish, the crisp lines, the balance between metals and stone – I am  very impressed. I have worked with numerous top-flight designers around the country, and your piece is top-notch.”

Some of Art Gorinas exclusive pieces are available at MOCAShop.com


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