Nicolas Felizola – Exquisite!

I recently met this incredibly charming designer; women just want to be around him – including myself! Although his fame and awards are numerous, when you speak to him you see nothing of it, but the confidence of a successful man.  Miami-based Venezuelan Fashion Designer Nicolas Felizola, has been dressing women in his exquisite designs for as far back as 2003. Every time I see one of his dresses I am mesmerized by the beauty, his attention to detail and romance. Each design is studied, inspired, and the way it drapes the body makes you wonder what you’ve been wearing all these years.
I was present when he announced he had been awarded the “Iberoamerican Personality of the Year”  to take place at the UNESCO building, in Paris.  Incredibly enough, after his announcement he was congratulated by all and then went on asking friends how their trip was, arranging to meet for coffee one morning and how he was going to rest after a hectic week in Paris.
A photographer, a law graduate, but a fashion designer at large. An artist!

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